Primordial Qigong

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21 en 22 september   Qigong workshop met Tiana Tevy

Primordial Qi Gong or Wuji Gong was developed in China 800 years ago by Chang San feng who is the father of the short form (13 movements) of Tai Chi Chuan for self-defense. Whereas, the short Tai Chi Chuan form he created has been popular and has been spread out in the west for decades ; the Wu ji gong was kept secret for a long time and was revealed to the west only in the nineties by Zhu Hui, a medical Qigong and Tai Chi master.

Primordial Qi Gong, is composed of simple graceful spiraling movements, which are performed in the 4 directions and takes all in all 12 to 15 min. The form is easy to learn, requires a very small space and can be practiced at any age.

What are the benefits ?
Health benefits (enhancing well being & vitality, relief from fatigue…)

Cultivating inner peace, groundedness

Developing inner strength, inner power and trust in our self-healing ability

What will you learn during the week-end ?

You will learn the form and you will be able to perform it on your own

You’ll learn how to apply the insight you get from the practice of primordial Qi Gong to improve your health and suport your spiritual development

Tiana Tefy is a certified Qi Gong instructor of the Universal Healing Tao from Master Mantak Chia. She has been practicing Qi Gong and Tibetan Buddhism meditation for about 20 years and started teaching Qi Gong 10 years ago. She has trained in traditional Chinese medicine and specialized her Qi Gong practice on inner

alchemy to improve health and advance spiritual development. She recently did an intensive three-year meditation retreat. Tiana holds a PhD in mathematics and has worked in aerospace research. With her qualifications Tiana is able to transmit ancient wisdom in a modern context to help people to meet with the challenges of the 21st century.

Tijd: 09.30 – 17.00 uur
Plaats: Centrum Well
Doelenstraat 34
Kosten: 140 euro voor beide dagen (Minima: 120 euro voor 2 dagen)
Voertaal: Engels


tel: 0033 6 27 93 46 12

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